Sunday, 21 September 2014

Why use standard live chat designs? Customize your live chat system!

At IMsupporting, We pride ourselves on the amount of features and customization that is possible with our live support chat software.

With clients ranging from small online shops to large government facilities, we can assure our customers that they are in good hands.

No matter what kind of website you have, You can customize and design the chat system around it.
Make the chat system act and look like it part of your own website.

This not only makes it look better for you and your users. It helps increase user confidence in your support facility.

By adding a high tech chat solution to your business website, you can gain more trust from your users and potentially more sales.

Customize the live chat system. Add your own logos and colors. Edit the text & more.

If you are looking for a live chat solution. Try , We have a 100% free trial and you can be up and running within minutes!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Realtime website stats and analytics provided by the live chat software.

See who is on your website in real time!

With IMsupporting, you can view exactly what users are on your website, tag the users and follow where they came from and where they have been.

This is a great add-on feature for the live chat software. Not only does it give you a real time insight into how your visitors are behaving, it also helps you get ready for a potential sale or chat session. You can plan what you might need to answer questions about.

How do you view the real time website analytics?

When logged into the live chat support dashboard, you are presented with some default tabs.
These tabs are where your live chats will appear. New chats appear in new tabs next to these ones.
You can remove all tabs apart from the "Chat Sessions" tab that is required at all times.

Viewing your real time website monitor is easy.
By default the "Visitor Monitor" tab has some indicators that are always active for you.

Realtime Website Visitor Monitoring

These indicators give you a real time view of how many people are on your website at any one time.
Active visitors are users who are browsing the site right now.
Idle visitors are users who are either reading a page or have not done anything for a while.
Offline visitors are users who are no longer interacting with your website.

In depth real time visitor analytics

Not only do you get the nice, simple overview of who is browsing your website at any time.
If you click the "Visitor Monitor" tab, You will be given a choice to website visitor monitoring methods.

With enhanced, you get to view screenshots of the webpage the user is on in real time. Tag the user and much more.

This doesn't provide screenshots, however you can still tag users and follow their visiting paths.

This is a VERY basic, one line per website visitor view.

Here is a screenshot of the Enhanced realtime visitor monitor.

By seeing your visitor in realtime, you can really get a feel for how active your website is.
You no longer need to just sit around waiting for a chat request to come through. You can see your website alive and working.

About live chat support.

Live chat software is a great tool used by websites all around the world.
It can help increase sales, customer satisfaction and reduce bounce rate on a website.

IMsupporting offer a 100% free trial and is 100% download free. Its a webbased live support platform that can be accessed at anytime, anywhere on any device.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

HTML5 Desktop notifications within Live chat

Live chat software with desktop notifications

How does the IMsupporting live chat software overcome problems associated with software as a service, or more specifically. Online web based software as a service and the ability to notify users of chats waiting while they don't have the chat window visible?


With all web based systems. You are restricted to what the browser can do for you.
For example. A new chat request comes through but you have Microsoft word or excel open and you are not looking at the chat window.

How do we notify you?
We can use sound, However what if you don't have speakers at your place of work?
We could let you download our windows app to help?
What else can we do?

Well, Lucky for us. HTML5 Desktop Notifications come to our rescue.
If you use a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox. We can notify you by sending a small popup to your screen even when the chat window is hidden.


This means that no matter what you are doing. We can also get hold of you.

How to enable desktop notifications

This is the easy part.
Simply login to your chat dashboard , Click System Settings, then click Desktop Notifications.
A new tab will open up and simply select "Enable Notifications"

You can click "Test" to verify they work. If it all works, we will send you messages when a new chat request is pending.

For more information, Please visit IMsupporting Desktop Notifications or the W3C Standards page

A demo of desktop notifications can be found here (Click)

Monday, 7 July 2014

IMsupporting launch public Beta of our latest live chat software

Here at IMsupporting, there are a few things we link to do.

One these is to constantly improve on what we have created so far.
We have listened to customer feedback and worked around the clock to launch our latest version of our live chat dashboard.

To try our dashboard, free of charge. Simply head over to

What has changed in our new dashboard?

  • New tabbed design for chat sessions rather than separate floating windows.
  • Increased control and fluid interaction with users.
  • A simpler, cleaner monitoring method for each chat session.
  • Plus a bunch of tweaks here and there to make the system function quicker and easier than ever.
Below is a screenshot of our latest chat dashboard with some quick information on what each new feature does and looks like.

Chat tabs
Each chat now opens in a separate tab. This offers a few extra features than before.
1) Increased space. We can now use more space and give you more room to work with a customer.
2) Increased visibility of the chat status. Each chat now has an icon indicating if the user is online, offline or is awaiting for a reply. These can be easily seen next to the username.

If you would like to see the chat in action, or simply give it a try for free. Head on over to for your FREE TRIAL

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Free live chat software integration for your business website

As of today,

IMsupporting live chat now offer FREE integration assistance to ALL business package owners.

Are you a:
A business without an IT department?
A business without a webmaster to help you install live chat?
A business without the time or energy to install live chat by yourself?

Dont worry, Whatever your reason for not installing live chat by yourself, We can help!

We can even run through the system with you and help you get online and start chatting to your visitors.

Contact our support team at any time for online assistance of as a business customer we will install for you FREE.

Sign up now for FREE and try our chat software today.

Live chat is a great tool used by websites all around the world to help increase sales or simply assist with customer and client questions.

By using chat on your website, you can add a "real time" online salesman to your pages and help assist any user looking for help on a product at any time.

By chatting to your visitors and answering their questions, you can help gain extra insights into why a customer may not buy a product by your company or help convince a client to by from you.

We understand that small business owners do not have large IT departments to help install live chat. This is why WE WILL DO IT FOR YOU for free.

Simply register, purchase the Business package and book an appointment slot for one of our technicians to install it into your website.

If you use Wordpress, Drupal or your own Custom CMS system we can help.

In the unlikely event that we cannot integrate with your site ( Access problems, FTP issues, Heavily custom sites that don't allow custom scripts etc ) We will give you a Full 100% refund instantly.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Using live chat software to boost your conversions and sales

Using live chat software to boost your conversions (and sales)

Having a website just isn’t like any other business; we can track virtually every aspect in extreme detail.  This gives us a huge edge over other brick and mortar businesses, which largely have to guesstimate how things are going based on sales trends.  So how do we use this edge?

First, we need to be sure we’re getting all of the information we possibly can.  To do this, we need to set up tracking.  There are a ton of options out there, but Google analytics is probably one of the more popular, especially because it’s free.  Here’s the main data we want to look at that it gives us:

  • 1.       Unique views – this is pretty much the benchmark for how much traffic a site gets.  Why?  Because page views could be the same person viewing 30 pages, and we really want to know how many different visitors we’re getting.  You’ll see why in a moment.
  • 2.       Bounce rate – the number of people out of a 100 that leave your site quickly (less than 30 seconds for example).  We want this number to be as low as possible for a few reasons.  First, it shows that we have content that our users want and enjoy.  Second, search engines use bounce rate as part of their algorithm for ranking sites.  And third, it doesn’t matter how many unique views we get if they leave in 10 seconds.  For us to have a chance to take care of those customers, we need them to hang out for a little bit.
  • 3.       Average time on site – This is extremely helpful.  This tells you exactly which pages keep your users interested the longest, and which ones they click off of fast.  Use this to tweak your content; constantly try to increase your average time on site.

The reason we need all of this information is to track our conversions.  While higher conversion means higher sales, it almost always also means that we are doing a better job taking care of what the user is looking for, whether with content or with a product. 

Just so we’re clear, conversions simply refer to how many people take the action you want.  This could be anything from sign up for email alerts to buying thousand dollar products, it really doesn’t matter.  The key is to use all of this tracking to see exactly what your conversions are, and then constantly try to improve them. 
But how can we use live chat software to improve these conversations?  Here are a few direct and indirect ways:
  • 1.        Directly – Obviously, you’ll get some sales from the live chat itself.  Users that are on the fence might be less reluctant once a live person explains it to them, or they might just be a little more comfortable after getting a few specific questions answered.   Additionally, knowing that there is an actual person that can be reached puts a lot of people at ease that a website is legitimate. 

  • 2.       Indirectly – this is where we can have a little fun and be creative.  Of course, just the fact that there is live chat support for a product will help boost conversions.  But let’s take that to the next level a little bit.  What about offering it as a minor up sell?  List the product as one price, then maybe $5 more with live chat support.  Offer the chat support free during giveaways.

  • 3.       Social media- Tweet the page, post it on Facebook, anywhere you can.  Move people from your social media sites to your main site by doing free live Q & A sessions on a weekly or monthly basis.  This way, some of the fringe users who might only be connected to you through social media will be brought to your main site, and you can connect with them directly during the chat session.  Pretty cool, right?

The biggest key is in training your livechat employees not to sell. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true.  People don’t like to be sold, even if it’s something that will make their life better or easier; they want to feel like they bought of their own accord.  Believe it or not, selling someone something and helping them understand why to buy are not the same things.

It’s mostly about attitude.  Help the client as much as possible, and if the product or service truly helps them, they’ll buy it.  In fact, if you help them enough, they will actually feel subconsciously guilty about not buying.  Sort of a give/give proposition.  Just as importantly, the better experience a client has (and the more they understand your product or service), the more likely they are to refer someone to you.  Referrals, put simply, are gold.  Why?

From a conversion standpoint, referrals are going to be nearly 100%.  Why?  Think about it.  If a commercial on TV is for a product and it looks useful, you might buy it once you’ve researched it a little bit and know more about it.  But what if your best friend recommends that same product, telling you how great it works and you should give it a try because it’ll help you tremendously.  Odds are pretty good that you’ll just go out and buy it.  Think of it this way: a referral is a free commercial for you product from someone that a potential customer already trusts!  You literally cannot buy that kind of marketing or publicity, so use live chats to create as many referral opportunities as possible.  If the chat was helpful, ask the customer for referrals!

This can become really powerful when paired with some good marketing.  For example, create a unique product that is only available to customers who refer someone.  Even better, create a tier of them.  If they refer one person, they get product a, if they refer 2, product b, etc. 

It’s not going to take as long to set up, but using all the data you have and implementing live chat can drastically improve your conversions and, by extension, your bottom line.  Give it a try!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

HeartBleed OpenSSL issues and the IMsupporting Live Chat Platform

OPEN SSL Issues with live chat.

This is a simple, quick post to notify everyone that IMsupporting is not affected by the Heartbleed OPEN SSL vulnerability.

We have taken mitigating steps to ensure that we have escalated out of the version train that is affected.

If you have any problems, questions or concerns, please email

Thanks for your custom.